Kate Davies

email: kd.colerne@tiscali.co.uk

web: http://www.redshoesillustration.co.uk

I have always enjoyed painting and drawing. I studied Visual Communication and Graphic Design at Bath Academy of Art,  and have since managed to earn a crust, sometimes with butter on, from my illustrations.

My work is light hearted, bright, and colourful on the whole. I have worked mainly in Children's Books  -  story books, board books, novelty, atlas, Bible stories, art and science, educational....      I have also illustrated for jigsaw  puzzles and games, magazine covers, short stories, cartoon features - you get the picture - so to speak!

I am a traditional artist, that is I haven't mastered the art of digitally generated artwork - but I do have a scanner (I am not a complete troglodyte).  I work in watercolours,  gouache,  inks and some pencil.


All images are copyright.  Please do not use without permission.