Anthony Hitchcock



phone: 07929 272513


I've been working as an artist for the past 15 years, during which time I've done everything from caricatures, posters and props for plays, through illustrating for books, businesses and bands, to oil painting for private commission and for sale in galleries. Currently I seem to be dividing my time between illustrating and prop & modelwork for film and tv, which leads my son to believe that I can make anything he wants. At the moment, he is nagging me to build him a working rocket so he can go to the moon and try the cheese; I blame Wallace and Gromit...
My particular fields of interest are natural history, anthropology, music and adventure stories.
I work with a 26 year old propelling pencil, inks, oil paint and digitally, and in Sculpey, fibre-glass and clay. I've tried to include a broad selection of my work here; if you want to see more of it, please visit my website at